Tuesday, December 27, 2016

“More Than a Friend” Deon Robertson

“More Than a Friend”Deon Robertson
From the forthcoming CD ~Simply Deon~

Introduced by a self-assuredly chirping organ, Deon Robertson’s churchy “More Than a Friend” is a bluesy gospel outing that riffs on Jesus’s many life-giving characteristics. Receiving strong support from a choir of treble voices, Robertson improvises by launching melismatic runs, moaning, shouting, and foisting glissandos up and down the stave.

As far as the song’s meaning, that is best heard coming from Robertson himself:

“My new single, ‘More Than A Friend,’ was written by James Reed and became a true testament to my life when I was watching my grandmother transition from earth to heaven. My grandmother was my best friend. Although I knew she would soon go to heaven, I became so broken because she was the reason I started in music ministry over 13 years ago. This song touched my heart because my grandmother, while ill, hadn’t said a word in days. I turned this song on and she lifted both hands. At that moment I knew this was the song that could change the mindsets of the hurting and give hope. Every time I sing this song I want people to feel the hope in God that I feel every day.”

The new project slated for 2017 release is produced by stellar Award winning and multi award nominated Derek DC Clark.

This project is talked as a project that is artistic and will be timeless. Naming the project (Simply Deon) compiles all the musical elements that complement the music and the versatile vocal ability Deon Robertson owns.
Visit https://youtu.be/bhbzUWuRcEQ to see Deon Robertson's music video. 
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